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When it comes to cedar privacy style fences, large drive through RV gates have always been a challenge. Large gates seem to sag, drag and generally leave more to be desired when it comes to functionality. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Central Oregon Fence CO's BOMBER SERIES gates have solved all the issues that come along with privacy fence gates.

Access to your RV parking area, back or side yard and heavy traffic areas will be effortless for many years to come with these BOMBER SERIES gates.

-Heavy Duty 5"x5"x.250" wall Posts are set deep in concrete.

-Ball Bearing Serviceable Gate Hinges are welded to gate posts and gate frames.

-1.5" Gate Frames are Custom Fabricated on site to provide excellent fit and alignment.

-Cedar Fence Boards are attached to the steel gate frames with coated fasteners.

-Comercial Grade Components.

-Effortless Operation.

We offer these gates in many configurations and sizes. If you are thinking about a new fence and need a gate double gate for parking or need a heavy traffic walk through gate, consider our BOMBER SERIES Gates.


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